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Shoeboxed, Still The Best Receipt Scanner

Tax filing is fast approaching and the least you care about is having headaches related to it. It is always important that at a critical time like tax season, everything is ready to avoid what every taxpayer is dreadful of - penalties.

That is what mainly Shoeboxed is made for. To get everything ready, receipt-wise. We all know how integral receipts are in tax-filing, as these determine the amount of return you'll be having. IRS has a way of dealing with receipts, and lucky are the citizens now, because IRS has treated electronic copies of receipts as good as the original ones.

So why is Shoeboxed the best receipt scanner, again?

I'll give you three reasons:

First, it is highly convenient. Scanning receipts is a good habit to develop, and there is no easy way to do it than using Shoeboxed. Three easy steps, and you're done. It's as easy as A, B, C. Just collect your receipts, mail them to Shoeboxed using their prepaid envelopes, let them do the work, and after some quick time you get your receipts back delivered right at your doorstep. Tell me if you even dropped a single sweat doing that. If you wonder where your receipts went, well, it has been digitalized, ready to be accessed anytime through an internet-connected computer safely stored in a reliable and highly protected system. No other people can have the access to that account, but you. Unless you share your details to others.

Second, Shoeboxed gets everything organized. Forget the clutter and welcome order. Using the account that is only accessible by you, manage your scanned receipts by pretty much everything you like. You can sort them out by date, store, totals, brand - whatever it is. This way you can track everything single dollar you spent right at the tip of your finger, and what's more - after this you can get rid of all the papers you have and even safe the environment by recycling it!

Last, but definitely not the least, Shoeboxed has innovated. Now you can choose within it's wider array of services: Business, Classic, and Lite. Prices range from $49.95 to $9.95 per month. You can also avail of their free application download, if you want Shoeboxed to be a part of your day just download it right to your iPhone and enjoy unlimited digital receipt upload. Or you can get everything free by signing up on a free trial, applicable to all three services.

And one more important thing.

Shoeboxed uses scanner devices that are Kofax-certified so if you have doubts about whether your receipts will get high quality scans, doubt no more. They make the unreadable receipts legible, they're that good!